Where to find Salvation in the HV

The smallest budget ...But the coolest clothes? Not bloody likely, right? Well that depends on a number of things, not the least of which is your definition of budget ...And your definition of cool. However, personally, I'm a believer. Have been since the 70s when I used to find designer jeans, cashmere sweaters and hand made Italian bags for a song at the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop in my home town. Well, Greenwich has changed, as has that particular shop (few great pieces/much higher prices). However, my belief in the concept of "one gal's rejects are another gal's treasures" led me to explore the thrift shop options up in our region, and I wasn't disappointed...At all. First I hit the venerable Salvation Army. It too has changed, with clothes and shoes neatly grouped by color. What did I find? Well let's begin with dresses. Lot's of them. Some vintage, others brand new all under ten dollars, many under five. And they're unique...At least that's the way it seems here, where there's only one of everything. It's a totally different, and much more satisfying experience then taking an item off of a rack where there are dozens of identical items ...Just waiting to be purchased by your "competition". Here at Salvation, when you find something great there's a sense of accomplishment. Like you found the needle in the haystack. In addition to the dresses I found some 1960s curtains with a retro wave pattern on them. I plan to make throw pillows out of the fabric. Finally, a couple of additions to my cordial glass collection from the housewares section where again, everything is color coordinated; green plates with green serving pieces with green glasses, and so on through the rainbow. My next stop was the Goodwill Store in Danbury. Somewhat smaller than Salvation Army, it too was very well organized. There was a boutique section where the "better items" were grouped together and sold at slightly higher prices (still ultra cheap). I don't like this idea because I like to discover the "better" stuff myself, but I'm sure those in a hurry would appreciate it. I Left there with two pairs of the hottest shoes! One a pink suede high heel slip on sandal which I love but wouldn't think of buying for more then...$6.00? Yep, that's what I paid. The other pair:classy, elegant pumps, made in Spain, cocoa brown suede with patent leather trim and little gros grain bows. Too much....for too little. Finally there's the Deer Hill Thrift Shop which to my mind is the No 1 source when it comes to really elegant clothing, really retro household items and the most unique, well preserved 60s costume jewelry.
The shop is lovingly run by church volunteers and a pleasure to shop in. These are just the three I've visited recently in Danbury. I'll continue to add other shops in neighboring towns as I make my way to them, and I'm counting on doing just that in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted. Best @-->-- Patricia

Salvation Army
129 Main Street
Danbury, CT 6810

Goodwill Stores
2 Beaver Brook Rd.
Danbury,CT 06810

141 Danbury Rd.
New Milford,CT 06776

Deer Hill Thrift Shop
164 Deer Hill Ave.
Danbury, CT 06810


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the info on thrift stores. I am always in the market for new ones, and since spring has sprung it is time to take a ride. Keep up the good work

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