Tanning in the Valley...or trying to.

Ahhhh melanin...that stuff that makes skin brow - or not.  Fact: some of us are challenged when it comes to this substance.  Our skin just doesn't have it...or at least not enough of it.  For us, Sun = Burn+Peel = White. It's a vicious circle....and to add insult to injury Mr. Sunshine often plays hard-to-get here in the H.V.  Besides, according to the medical establishment any UV exposure is unhealthy, even for those who tan like that {snap}.

Soooooo...how to get the glow?  A couple of suggestions:
Spray it on
Mystic Tan is the car wash-like contraption that was "so in" last year it even showed up in an episode of friends.  Well, turns out it's not for everyone. Many of the would-be bronzed quickly abandoned it when they encountered problems with splotching and streaking.  And yes, there's  a learning curve...you have to get used to it. Well, I did, and now I swear by it!  A couple of tips to make the process more effective, and more pleasant:
1 - Exfoliate with vigor prior to each session, especially elbows, knees and feet.
2 - Use the provided barrier cream liberally on elbows, knees and feet. 
3 - Begin with the medium level - That's level 2.
4 - Use ear plugs.  Otherwise the noise can be ...well, disturbing.
There are a number of salons in the area that offer spray-on tanning , so hey... you might consider giving it a try. 
Smooth it on
Body Bling - It's the stuff that made Charlize Theron shine at the Academy Awards and, according to the lad who sold me mine at Sephora in the Danbury mall,  even JLo swears by it.  OK, It doesn't come cheap. Would you believe $48.00 for a four oz. bottle?  But, I assure you, you'll glow, and the bottle is uber-cool looking.  So head to Sephora at the mall, or order from their website.  While you're at it (on-line or in-mall) check out the dozens of other self-tanning solutions.   

So you're brown and beautiful - Where do you go from here???
Get the suit
The best way to show off a great tan is in a teeny, weenie little swimsuit, right?  Well for that, we're definitely in luck.  Let's face it, Brazilians create killer swimwear, and there's lot's of it  available right here in the H.V. !!!  But, for this you don't go to the mall.  Once again Danbury's robust Brazilian community comes to the rescue with their exuberant, uninhibited sense of style.  Minuscule bikini's, cut-out one pieces and even (get in shape first , guys....please) speedos adorned with the Brazilian flag. Find them at Eliza's store at 167 Main Street, M.Lu Boutique at 48 White Street and a number of other Brazilian clothing emporiums in downtown Danbury.
From our local lakes to the shores of Long Island sound we've got great swimming spots in the area.  Try Candlewood, Kenosia or Lillnonah for fresh water fun, or for those who prefer their water salted, the southwestern CT shoreline is peppered (pardon the pun) with lovely town beaches, once exclusively reserved for residents, now open to all.

You've got it...now it's your duty to flaunt it. Just remember to bring the sunscreen and apply it liberally and often.  Have fun...Vive l'ete!  xXOo Patricia 


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