Summer Heat, something to scream about.

You don't have to scream too loud in the H.V. 

Our region is blessed with some of the best sub-zero desert dives in CT...heck, the best in all of New England.   Here's the scoop on a few of my favorites:

In Bethel: Dr. Mike's
Yes, some would probably say, "it's too rich".  But you know what?  That's their problem.  Dr. Mike's, located at 158 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel serves up an exquisitely lush dream cream. Don't go looking for thousands of flavors, you'll probably find six to eight on a given day in their tiny shop.  Some are the standard flavors and some are exclusive, like the one made with a crunchy chocolate candy they get from a neighboring sweet shop.  Let's see what else....  Sundaes in pint containers, freshly whipped cream and the grainy kind of hot fudge that's so hard to find these days.  Yes, definitely worth the trip.

In Newtown: Ice Cream Shop
This one's seasonal...and summer is definitely the season.  Open from April to October, this Ice Cream Shop is a "drive up - take out" deal.  You'll find great basic homemade creams, but the options are endless when it come to the variety of toppings...and it's the perfect place to revisit all the old treats you never seem to find anymore. such as floats, malteds, milk shakes and splits. Find the shop at 51 Church Hill Road in Newtown.

In Ridgefield: Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop
If soft serve is what makes you melt, you'll want to hit the Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop  . If you do, I guarantee you'll lust for their custard till the cows come home.  Head to 680 Danbury Rd. in Ridgefield and savor the flavor of the day.  Made on vintage machines, that create a dense airless ice cream experience rendolent of amusement park frozen custard,  as it was in the 50s and 60s.  They also sell a wide variety of specialty treats including ice cream birthday cakes to order, and these guys are open all year.

In Danbury:
Several choices come to mind, among them the venerable Double Twister at 216 White St. Danbury, newcomer, Il Bacio Ice Cream at 30 Germantown Rd, Danbury and for something really exotic (yet again, thanks to our Brazilian community) try Tropical Ices & Coffee Shop 42 Elm St. Danbury.

Believe me there are tons more local ice cream sources than you'll find on this random list,  but it should surely help to get you started on your H.V. ice cream explorations. 

One final note on the subject of frozen deserts: my favorite ice cream flavor can not be found in any shop anywhere that I know of.  It must be made at home, which I do regularly during July and August.  Ice cream making is fun and easy.  If you want to try it, head to Williams-Sonoma  at the Danbury Mall and buy an ice cream maker.  I've got the simple $50. Cuisinart model and it works like a dream. Tip: be sure to leave time for the canister to get good and cold before adding your mixture though which is no easy feat when your waiting for ice cream.
Gin & Tonic Sorbet (my favorite)
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 cup of hot water
¼ cup gin
2 cups tonic water
juice and zest of two limes
1 egg white

Stir water and sugar in heavy  saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring to boil. Pour into medium bowl.  Chill 12 hours in refrigerator.  Combine with the gin, tonic and lime juice and zest. Whisk egg whites and sugar until peaks form. Combine with gin mixture and whisk again vigorously. Transfer mixture to ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. Transfer sorbet to container; cover and freeze until an additional 4 hours until firm.

wherever you find it though, ice cream, in the summer time, in the Housatonic Valley is totally Enjoy !  Bon W.E. - Patricia 


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