48 Hours without my Lotus

I apologize H.V. readers, for my inattentiveness to this newly minted blog, but I've been without my business e-mail for the past two days.  You see, this Valley Girl works exclusively with LotusNotes via a server that's ... well, let's politely say it's in another country.

All of this just added to the stress of returning to work after a Danbury weekend that was a total blur...I vaguely remember something about playing badminton with martini olives and dancing on a picnic table...oh, and there were definitely fireworks...at least I think that's what those loud, sparkley things were....Anyway it seems the gin & tonic (which at some point became gin "sans" tonic) erased all other details...mmmm, probably for the better.

However... What's past is past. There are second acts in Housatonic Valley lives and mine is going to be dedicated to providing you with some need-to-know bits of info regarding fashion, food and fun in Danbury and surrounding towns. If there's bargain basement resource for designer clothing or a hip, happening restaurant in the area (and I think there is) you'll be the first to know. So check back often for tons of random tips.

As they say in France, "A+" (anyone know what that means?)
xOxO, Patricia


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